Dipl. Ing. Jana Štefancova SKJ - FCI approved championship show judge  

  Qualified to judge:  
  Group 2: Pincher and Schnauzer - Molossoid breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs and other breeds:  

Appenzeller Sennenhund (Appenzell Cattle Dog)
Berner Sennenhund (Bernese Mountain Dog)
Entlebucher Sennenhund (Entlebuch Cattle Dog)
Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund (Great Swiss Mountain Dog)

  The FCI Judge Education:  
The education as a judge has taken over 6 years as one has to show success as a breeder, exhibitor and be active in the breed club. In addition one has to be interviewed and tested by experienced judges, approved by the breed club, go through weekends of schooling about anatomy, genetics, dog´s physiology, etc. Then you are ready to function as a student judge. You have to function as a student judge for 6-9 shows our breeds (depending on the amount of entered dogs of your breeds), under three different judges who teach you and give you grades. You must also work three times as the chief of the ring and three times as a writer of the judgements. If you've gotten this far, you will receive an "Aspirant"-status. As the last procedure is passing of the practical - judging and theoretical tests. If you pass this process, the Board of Kennel Club has to approve the candidate as the National and later the FCI Judge. I started to be the SKJ - FCI judge on April 1st, 2006.
  - 1995 - 2001 - Student of the City University - Milton Keynes, Great Britain - Management
- 2001 - graduated with Proffesional Diplomma in Management
- 1995 - 1998 worked as the Project and Financial Manager of the Programme Management Unit PHARE of the European Union for the Cross Border Coopeation - on the state     institution of the Slovak government
- 1998 - mother´s vacation /borning of my first daughter Kristina and in 2000 borning of my second daughter Alexandra/
  To learn more about our dogs and the other animal 's breeding and life I started to stuy the Slovak Agriculture University in Nitra  
  - 2006 - graduated on the Slovak Agricultural University, Faculty of Agrobiology and the Food Sources, finished with the final work „Dog´s Hip Dysplasia“ - mark A (95 points), in     the cooperation with Doc. MVDr. Peter. Massányi, PhD , head of Animal´ s Physiology Department.
- The final state exams - passed with total „A“ - 1
- including passed exams like :
    Genetics (passed with „A“- 1), Prof. Ing. J. Kubek, CSc.
    Animal´s Morfology (passed with „A“- 1), Doc. Ing. Svatoslav Hluchý, PhD. Animal´s Physiology (passed with „B“ - ½), Doc. J. Kováčik, CSc.
    Animal´s Anatomy (passed with „A“ -1), Doc. Ing. Svatoslav Hluchý, PhD.
    Veterinary and zoohygiene (passed with „A“ - 1), Prof. MVDr. J. Šťastný, CSc.
    Zoology (passed with „A“ - 1), Doc. Ing. Petrzvalský, CSc.
- 2nd Graduation –June 11th, 2008
- PhD Study "philosophiae doctor" – will start in 2009
My ALMA MATER - Slovak Agricultural University

Jana as the judge for the Swiss Mountain Dogs
2006 October 14, 2006 - Velky Meder
National Specialty 2006 - Slovakia

Judging: Bernese Females - all classes, Appenzeller - all classes, Bernese - BOB, together with Mr. Jan Gajewski BIS


Appenzeller BOB National Specialty Winner 2006, "ICH Zafira"

Bernese BOB National Specialty Winner 2006, "CH Arrakis av Milkcreek"

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog National Specialty Winner 2006, BOB, Best in Show" ICH Aldo vor Kohlerschlucht"
  May 12th, 2007 - Zarybnična Lhota National Specialty in Czech Republic  

Entlebucher Sennenhund Junior Specialty Winner, BOB "ESI Essi"

Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund National Specialty Winner, BOB "ICH. Aldo vor Kohlerschlucht"

The colleague judges at the National Specialty 2007 - CZ

Bernese Mountain Dog National Specialty Winner 2007, BOB, BIS " Ambra z Peruskcych Lesu"
  2007 Invitations to juge: September 2007, Warszawa - Club Show in Poland (Best in Show judging), invitation by The Polisch Club for Molossoid breeds  

Best in Show Junior - Swiss Mountain Dogs Show in Poland "Tolianna Trustfull av Hiselfoss"
  September 2007 , Warszawa - National CAC show in Warszawa, Poland  
  2008 Invitations to judge: March 2007 , CAC National Show, Nitra – SLOVAKIA  
  May 10 – 11 th, 2008 – Frya Bernese Mountain Dog Club Show in NORWAY  

Best of breed CH. OLA ODELSGUTT av Hiselfoss (left) Best of Opposite Sex Female TRIBUTE MADE TO T av Lee Armand

Best Couple - 1st of 4 entered CH. Ola Odelsgutt av Hiselfoss & Tapre Trultemor av Hiselfoss

Best Breeding Group – 1st of 4 entered “Dale Gudbrand´s Kennel“

Breeding Groups competition: kennels Apoletano, Hiselfoss, Jadeland, Dale Gudbrand´s

Oldest entered Bernese „Liana´s ZAFIR“

Best Junior Male, No. 5 Best male „Dale Gudbrand´s JOEY TRIBBIANI Cach“

BOB Puppy male „ALBERT Ruggesen“ Best Female puppy „Dale Gudbrand´s KAIA GUEL“

Puppy competition

My new friends : Thanks to their help and hospitlity I spent a really nice time in Norway. I will never forget : Dagfrid Hogstad, Laila Kristiansen, my ring colleagues Marit Berntsen and top ring steward Jahn Geir Wik


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